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3D Anatomy

Full 3D, male and female, anatomy as well as detailed, stand alone visual information on human systems and key areas

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Intuitive, minimalist, and sleek new user interface so you can focus on what truly matters in this app: the content.

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Search through 1000s of anatomical structures and system layers including skeletal, connective tissue, muscular, circulatory and more.


Effortlessly retrieve any anatomical structure. Browse by system layers including skeletal, connective tissue, muscular, circulatory, digestive, reproductive, respiratory, urinary and more.


The fluid navigation enables the user to navigate from superficial to deep musculature, and on through to internal organ structures, ligaments and the skeletal system.

Helping you and your patient to communicate

Anatomus visualizes every element of human body


Anatomus, has the ability for every single structure to be viewed, hidden or isolated so that you can literally customize your very own anatomy views. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of high yield and popular anatomy views that are easily accessible.


Our growing community tells us that our software is helping them become better medical professionals by learning, refreshing and going that extra step for their patients in visually communicating relevant human anatomy.


You can trial Anatomus for 7 days absolutely for free!

Anatomus Suite

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  • 7 Days Free Trial
  • Full Male and Female Anatomy Models
  • Detailed medical description and easy access to Key Areas
  • Add your own Notes & Drawings
  • Hide & Isolate elements
  • Self Assessment
  • Available on Android / Windows / OSX
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Features explained

Full anatomy Model

Rotate, zoom and fly around a beautifully live rendered human anatomy model from superficial to deep musculature, and on through to internal organ structures, ligaments and the skeletal system.

View Key areas

The human body is complex, so you can customize your very own anatomy views. We’ve compiled a list of high yield and popular anatomy views. Now you can add as many more as you like!

Hide and Isolate

The fluid navigation saves you time enables you to select any element and hide it or isolate it from the rest as well as view connected tissues, muscles and veins.

Create Notes

All anatomical structures are named and contain concise relevant information including anatomy, function and clinical notes. Want to add your own notes too? No problem


Each body part is precisely described anatomically and clinically.


Interested in adding a sketch or annotation and sharing this with a colleague or patient, then the new ‘Draw Tool’ is designed with you in mind.


Use the quiz functionality to learn faster and make sure you know everything about the human body.


Want to embed screenshots and course content from Anatomus into your own learning materials? Not a problem. Get in touch and join thousands of educators worldwide who harness the power of Anatomus of lifelong learning.

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As a medical student, I find myself looking up anatomical parts on the app whenever I need a refresher. Other times, I use the app to demonstrate as I speak to fellow students or professors. I find it to be a very useful visualization tool.
An excellent source of information for any Anatomy student in any health discipline. There are many applications out there but this one is easy to use and provides all the information a student will need. It is easy to navigate and is well worth the investment.
An extremely impressive and fun app that I use to help me to review anatomy. It is like having a virtual cadaver with a concise anatomy textbook at my fingertip! I would highly recommend this app to any student or professional in the medical field!
Having downloaded every anatomy app, I can say (hands down) that this app is the best looking, most useful and extensive anatomy app. To top off the experience, the staff behind the app are always helpful and listen to everyone’s feedback.

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We are a team of healthcare professionals, educators and interaction designers passionate about the intersection of healthcare and visual learning. It is our privilege to bring you meaningful mobile medical education software apps.

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“We’re standing on the shoulders of giants as Anatomus is supported by world-class advisors, investors, and experienced company builders who have helped create, develop and provide leadership in some of the world’s most successful companies.”
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