Which application is for you?

Pocket Anatomy or Anatomus?

A lot of users have asked us for a detailed comparison between our latest Anatomus platform and our existing iOS app, Pocket Anatomy…so here it is!

Our comparison table (below) will assist you with decision-making in viewing both products’ specifications side by side so that you can easily make up your mind and confirm your purchasing choice that best fits your needs.

FeaturePocket AnatomyAnatomus
Complete Male + Female Anatomy
Clinical Learning Content (100,000 words)
Self Assessment
All Organ Systems
Full 3D Experience
Cross Platform
Key Areas of Interest
Hide + Isolate any Structure
View Related Structures
Add Notes & Drawings
Bookmark & Create Key Areas

Who is Anatomus for?

For the serious healthcare professional, Anatomus allows you to hide, isolate and see relationships with any anatomical part of the body. It also comes with full support for all computer platforms and devices, as well as 24/7, 365 customer support, so if you like to access your anatomy learning content across several different devices, this is the solution for you.

Because many healthcare professionals and students have differing areas of interest and expertise, we’ve built in many areas of flexibility into Anatomus, so that you can add in your own notes, drawings, bookmarks and key areas of interest.

Its pricing is also flexible to cater for short-term and longer-term needs. For instance, individuals seeking a short-term solution can avail of the $6/month offer and unsubscribe whenever you like. Or you may prefer to avail of the ‘best value’ offer of $60/year (saving 17% on total costs).

Who is Pocket Anatomy for:

This solution is for iPhone and iPad users only, and is therefore considered for casual anatomy enthusiasts that never need to share their screens with others (colleagues, students or patients). While the learning content is comprehensive and easy to use, it is not not in true 3D, and therefore lacks what  many healthcare students and professionals seek.