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Adding Your Own Notes

In addition to the 100,000+ words of clinically relevant anatomy related content within Anatomus, users also have the ability to add their own notes. This

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Projecting Anatomus

In some circumstances we use a small portable LCD projector to project the Anatomus model onto the body surface of a volunteer. This novel approach

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If you’re a healthcare student, then, like many Anatomus users, you’re probably keen to test your anatomy knowledge. Anatomus has a sophisticated self-assessment tool, where

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Dissection Rehearsal

In advance of a planned (guided) cadaveric dissection lab, students consult the planned guide initially to determine the steps they need to follow for that

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Cadaveric Dissection

Many anatomy programmes are centred around cadaveric dissection during compulsory lab sessions for students. In addition to lecture attendance, students dissect a complete human body

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